You’ll be reading a lot of words in my blog posts, so I will keep this section short.

I should probably keep a lot of what I write to myself. I probably shouldn’t be SO transparent and open, but I wouldn’t be Tiana if I didn’t. When I choose to post, just know you’re getting all of me.

I’ve known my husband since I was 10 years old (middle school), and we began dating 2014 (freshman year of high school). We celebrated 5 years of marriage August 4, 2018, and are the parents to two beautiful girls. I am a stay-at-home, homeschool, work-from-home wife and mother. I am the owner of Queen Scribe Editing & Consulting, and proud to call myself a mompreneur.

My blog posts jump between relationships and motherhood. No particular order!

Feel free to email me at queen.scribe@gmail.com if you have any questions, requests or recommendations!

You can also follow my journey on Instagram @_queen.tiana and Facebook @queendomwifeandmother.

The Gurleys: What makes me a Queendom Wife and Mother


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