Mommy and Me: Cheer Time

I’ve learned so much about homeschooling in the six months that we have been in session. We continue to incorporate movement and dance in our school day, especially during the days we have “Health and Wellness.” As I’ve stated in my earlier posts about our homeschooling journey, we incorporate Black History throughout our entire curriculum because I want my children to see people who look like them doing amazing things in the world. Black History Month wasn’t a month of recognition for us, but a continuation of what we started back in September. Instead of our normal dance routine, I taught Taniya a simple cheer that allowed her to embrace and profess the beauty of her blackness. I’ve seen several social media posts where women have expressed their sadness and anger with the experiences that their children have had being in the school system, that I just wanted to continue with our affirmations but in a fun and interactive way. I cheered all throughout middle and high school, so it was a joy being able to introduce my first-born to the sport of cheerleading.

Take a look at our cheer and feel free to teach it to your little ones!! If you’re really in the mood to affirm yourself as an adult, you can say this chant to yourself as well!!

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Hey there! My name is Tiana. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, an angel son, and a newborn on the way. I created this space for queens who are wives and mothers who are just trying to navigate this thing called life. I share my thoughts and experiences all while hoping to start a meaningful dialogue between a community of QUEENS and KINGS who may decide to join in on a conversation as well. ~Enjoy

2 thoughts on “Mommy and Me: Cheer Time

  1. I applaud you for being so forward with teaching the history, I think the education system focuses too much on the negatives so it’s nice that she’ll be getting a more varied education at home.
    Also, the video is adorable!

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