Teaching Health & P.E. in Homeschool

Having only one child to homeschool has its pros and its cons. I only have to choose one curriculum, find activities for one child and keep the attention of one child. Well, at least until Jayla is of school age. However, teaching physical education to only one child can be a bit challenging. We are still getting settled in South Carolina so we have only made it to one co-op meeting, but we will be more consistent soon. Until then, I made sure to highlight movement in our “Health Is Wealth and Movement Wednesday” class. Dancing is a major part of our health class and an additional way for my daughter and I to bond. We have so much fun and let our bodies move to whatever beat we choose for the day. We cycle between some of our favorite songs, Zumba videos on YouTube, and Just Dance routines on YouTube as well. Other times we’ll go outside for a walk to explore our new surroundings, she’ll ride her bike, or we’ll jog. Just recently we went outside and played a little soccer. I can see that being something we do more often. We’ll keep up with our dancing, but eventually we’ll have group P.E. with the other children in co-op. I’m no expert, but for our Health and P.E. class I chose a topic and a specific way to move our bodies for each month. I’ve shared our most recent dance combination with the help of YouTube. It was a failed attempt at being as quiet as possible while Jayla was napping. Enjoy!

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Hey there! My name is Tiana. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, an angel son, and a newborn on the way. I created this space for queens who are wives and mothers who are just trying to navigate this thing called life. I share my thoughts and experiences all while hoping to start a meaningful dialogue between a community of QUEENS and KINGS who may decide to join in on a conversation as well. ~Enjoy

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